Newspapers to Tweets, and everything else

The Sands Social Media was created by taking a quick look at the future of journalism, social media and web content creation. Unfortunately for the journalism industry, newsrooms are shrinking and more news is designed to go viral and creating interesting web content.

I was a journalist for a number of years in Northeast Georgia and when my family and I headed south to St. Augustine, I sat back and thought about where my career would lead. While working in journalism I directed the social media presence for two publications for a time and, of course, thought it was fun and interesting to find out how to capture viewer’s attention. Using contacts from years of journalism I found that many of my journalist friends were heading into the social media marketing direction, as well. My friends in journalism inspired me and I connected with several clients and The Sands Social Media was born. I am so excited each time a client gets a lead, get new “likes” on Facebook and new Twitter followers! It is fun to have a hand in watching their business grow!

Today 90% of companies use social media marketing for their business, so it really is important to begin branding your business through the web and social media or you will be left behind! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many other platforms are goldmines when talking about leads and buyers for your product or service. Story after story has come out about the success of a brand after unlocking these key platforms for their business!

Here are a few stats I picked up from while I was researching the importance of your company’s social media presence:

  • Social media accounts for only 16% of customer engagement today, but is expected to increase to 57%—the second-most used channel, behind only face to face interaction—within five years. (Marketing Pilgrim)
  • 60% of people who use three or more digital means of research for product purchases learned about a specific brand or retailer from a social networking site.
  • Women tend to be somewhat more present and active on social media than men, though the shares vary widely by site. Men tend to dominate on technical sites (e.g., Slashdot is almost 90% guys); LinkedIn is close to a 50-50 split; Twitter and Facebook are both about 40% male/60% female; and women account for almost 90% of Pinterest users. (Pingdom)
  • 20% of all pageviews on the web are on Facebook. (Jeff Bullas)
  • 76% of marketers said they planned to increase use of video and YouTube in 2012. (HubSpot)
  • Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages. And companies with more indexed pages generate far more leads from search. (Search Engine Journal)
  • Roughly 60% of business blogs are updated at least twice per week. (Marketing Charts)

These statistics on the importance of social media marketing just don’t lie! It is imperative to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many other platforms; blogs also are important and should be updated frequently with creative and interesting content! The Sands has all of those points covered for you! Contact us today if you are ready to create brand awareness for your business.
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